Who was Beeman?

There has been an outcrying from the general public who view this site to find out the answer to one question--who is Beeman? (Actually no one really cared except my E-Commerce teacher who wanted us to show that we could put links on our page and type a thought cohertently. Luck for me, I could. Unfortunately, he could not. at least nothing on his home page showed his ability.

Who am I?

Beeman is Randall Million. Beeman came from my friend Jody, who later married one of my best friends Mike. She always talked about Randy Beeman who was on Animaniacs.

I am a Louisvillian. I am a Kentuckian.

I work part-time at PriceWeber Marketing Communications, Inc. in the Information Technology department.

What am I?

I am a human. Most of what I like to do can be found on my homepage, but here is a list of what makes me who I am.

I am a student. I am a sixth year senior at the University of Louisville. I am finishing a masters degree in Business Administration. I am finishing a degree in Engineering Math and Computer Science at Speed Scientific School.

I am a campus leader. I am the Vice-President of Membership of the Louisville Chapter of Triangle Fraternity, a Fraternity of Engineers, Architects and Scientists. I am the President of the Association of Computing Machinery Student Chapter at the University of Louisville. I have been involved with the Speed School Student Council. I was involved with Alpha Phi Omega, a National Co-ed Service Fraternity, and have a pgae dedicated to why I left.

I am a computer scientist. I am involved in the industry. I read the industry news every morning on sites such as Slashdot, AppleInsider, Macintouch, and Palm Gear. I am on the developers list for my e-mail client. I am an offical shareware developer for the Palm Platform.

I am a writer. I like to write. Most of my latest writings are in the fiction section of my homepage. I think much of this is still applicable to my life, even though most of the writings are 6 years old.

I am a reader. I like to read e-mail. I use the mutt mailreader, the mogrel of mailreaders which is the best available. The Funny Mail Archive is a tribute to a very small portion of the funny e-mail that I have received, with the name coming from a list I used to run. A much better archive can be found at the International Junk Mail Clearing House.

I am a commincator. I like to communicate with people with the same interests as me. Egroups and Onelist both offer e-mail communities to meet new people. Excite and Yahoo clubs offer web based communites for the same reasons. I have an ICQ account to track my friends across the country.

I am active in my community. I have participated in community Theater with Not Ready for Shakespeare Players. I support AIDS research by paticipating in the Louisville AIDS Walk.

I am a superman. I can do anything. [link]